Sheep Shearing Festial at the Farm - April 23rd - 12 to 4 PM

Visit the Farm



Public activities and programs throughout the year, coordinated through the Pennypack Environmental Center, offer opportunities to visit the farm. The farm offers Festivals, Wednesday night Open Houses, a 4-H club, school trips, gardening and other activities where visitors can both enjoy the event and/or volunteer to help out. While many farm activities are run free-of-charge, there is usually a nominal charge to attend festivals at the farm. For 2020, this cost is $3 -$5 depending upon festival.

As a working farm and school campus, Fox Chase Farm is “open to the public” only for specific¬†events. To inquire about volunteer opportunities at these events, call Pennypack Environmental Center at 215-685-0470.


For driving directions to Fox Chase Farm please click the link on the map below: